Dry Sump Tank
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Dry Sump Tank
In Stock

Patterson Enterprise Dry Sump Tanks have long been the goto product to control and contain the oil in a dry sump system. The dry sump tank has a few key jobs in a dry sump system. Patterson enterprise has been trusted by the best motorsport teams and OEM’s for decades to provide lasting quality oil tanks.  

  • First is to house a volume of oil externally from the engine oil pan.
  • Second is to deaerate the oil as best as possible
  • Third is to cool the oil through heat transfer to the aluminum.  

We offer many different options when it comes to supplying the best tank to fit your requirements. Items such as : Diameter, gallon capacity, multiple inlets, outlets, and vents. We offer 3 different cap options as well. We also supply and outfit any tank with any of the following items like: oil preheaters, sight tube attachments, or fitting bungs. 

 If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to call us at (805) 340-4356 we would be more than happy to help your in your decision making choice. 


Made of high quality aluminum in the USA

All tanks are internally baffled Including the vent passageway

Robust clamps and rubber isolated to ensure everything stays secure

Long lasting internal O-Ring to seal flanges 

Ability to disable the tank for serviceability

The top and bottom tanks can be clocked independently to ensure best fitting placement



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