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All of the Patterson ORB male to AN male fittings are designed with optimal flow in...
The breather tank is designed to be used with dry sump system, it possibly can be us...
-10 drain plug with internal allen and external hex
This is the o-ring that seals the tank halves
One advantage of our tank is that is completely serviceable! Patterson offers a kit ...
If your tank was equip with a dipstick and you would like replacement or spare
The Patterson dry sump cap, is like most but it stainless steel
A true NAS bolt that is shanked properly to fit our tank clamps  Just in case one ge...
The rubber material that goes in between the tank and the stainless mounting strap/b...
The Patterson Enterprise tank mounting brackets are made to last the life of the oil...
The Traditional Cap of a dry sump tank utilizes this special o-ring
Male & Female AN and Female NPT Variations